We can do frame off, or mount your vehicle on a rotisserie. We completely dis-assemble your vehicle, sand and soda blast to remove old paint and rust, and then repair all rusted metal. Once the metal work is done we straighten and repair all dents. We fit all sheet metal to insure proper gaps and lines; then we disassemble the sheet metal and prep it for priming. We use a self etching primer first over all metal and then a two part catalyzed urethane primer on top of that. We would then block and re-prime the vehicle and get it ready for final prepping for paint. Once the vehicle is prepped and taped we use a two part catalyzed urethane sealer, followed by a base coat, and three coats of urethane clear.. We then sand the clear and re-tape the vehicle and re-apply two coats of clear. This insures the depth, imaging, and gloss retention for a lasting finish. The next step is to color sand and buff the vehicle,once this is completed the vehicle is ready for re-assembly.