When repairing a collision job the vehicle is first torn down so the actual damage can be accessed.  Ninety five percent of all insurance repairs have a supplement.  A supplement is additional damage that was either not written by the insurance company, or written wrong.  After tear down we write the supplement and submit it to the insurance company for approval.  Parts are then ordered and the repairs are started.  If the vehicle has frame damage, or unibody damage it is mounted on the Cheif EZ liner frame rack and measured to clearly access what needs to be done to bring the vehicle back into factory tolerances.  All new sheet metal is installed , corrosion protection is re-applied and the vehicle is refinished with a base coat clear coat urethane paint system. We go to great lengths to insure that there are no tape lines or over spray on your vehicle when we are done.  The vehicle is then re-assembled, sanded and buffed, and cleaned for delivery.